Let’s Slow mo this Holi

Let’s Slow mo this Holi

How we always look to our past for inspiration and sometimes we would love to live back the moments.

Here is why I love Slow mo videos: They slow the moment, let you see more, it’s like your heartbeat goes way too fast and you can see and feel minute details. One second feels longer than normal.

And especially when you reverse the slow mo video, it gets even more exciting and dramatic. I will show you how you can use slow mo video to shoot your best social media post.

But before that let me show you how I did that back in 2015.

This wasn’t perfect, But I love how you can see colors go back to hands from the environment.

So how can you shoot a video like this, here are the things you are going to need:

  1. You need a camera which has slow motion video capture feature. ( Normally all the iPhone models from 5s afterward have this feature. )
  2. Gulal
  3. Few friends( precisely 2, one to operate the camera & another one to put gulal in your hairs. )

Now how to shoot:

  1. Get yourself relaxed & don’t worry about colors, if you put a smile that would be best. Maybe if you wanna drink some water do that cause this exercise is going to give you a headache.
  2. Explain to your friend how to shoot in slow motion ( first few seconds will be normal speed and then it will get slow afterward).
  3. Get Ready to swing your hairs ( if you don’t have long hairs that move at your command, you’re out of luck).
  4. Ask your first friend to start shooting, your 2nd friend to put the gulal in your hairs and have fun ( you gotta just do it like your dog who hates water and how he swing his hairs after shower lol ).
  5. Once the video has been shoot, check if you got all the drama in it. Once you’re happy with the clip. Let’s go to post progressing.
  6. You can use iMovie or FCP on mac or any video editing software that flip the video and play the clip in reserve. Here is a step by a guide on how to do it in iMovie.

Have Fun!


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