How to Click Like Celebs this Holi

How to Click Like Celebs this Holi?

Oh, it hurts to get no good images to share on social media after that crazy colour session. I have been the victim of bad holi images myself until last year.

So what makes a good Holi Selfie:

  1. Light
  2. Your Face with smile
  3. Cell phone camera

All of these things are available for free ( I assume you own a cell phone with camera).

Now before anyone put colour on your face in Holi morning & while you have your fresh face. Do your makeup yourself or Ask one of your friends or family members to do a color makeup.

Once the makeup is Done. Go out in an open area where you have sun light but ensure not to expose your face in the sun light. It’s better to face yourself towards a white wall which is hitting sun light. This will create a very soft light for your picture. Now click your first test image and see if you like it. If all looks good now it’s time to pose and make it better.

The rule here is anything that you bring towards the camera gets more exposure. You want your face to get exposure – bring it close to the camera wear your best smile like you are in love with yourself.

I use this phrase a lot “smile with your eyes”. And it’s because your true smile is not just from lips or face it’s from the eyes so when you smile next time see that spark your eyes create. You gotta pull that in your Holi selfie.

Below my Holi selfie from 2015 ( It’s a bad Holi selfie )

Here is what’s wrong with this image:

  1. Not looking into the camera.
  2. It’s a fake smile ( You can easily tell by shape of face and the eyes, there is no smiling by eye in this image )
  3. The color makeup on face is all messed up that’s what happen when you click your holi selfie after playing color and being exhausted.

Here is my Holi selfie from 2016:

So what do I like about this image:

  1. Perfect lighting
  2. Sparks in the eyes
  3. A real smile, You feel a better connection with this image than from the last year.
  4. And I love the Makeup. This one is my favorite Holi Selfie till yet.

PS: This one did not come by chance: Do you wanna see all the images I clicked in this series to get to this image 😀 ( I am going to be so embarrassed )

But here you go:

Stop laughing now!

I hope these Tips will help you create a better selfie this Holi. And If you are looking to get something like what you see below: Join me in Pre-Holi Professional Headshot Event.

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  1. The holi selfie by Rishish Pandey is just super-AWESOME…….Indeed everyone must TRY 🙂

  2. Very good portraits.Keep it up.(my moto was-Better look,always.)the photographer must make things look better.all subjects.Best wishes.

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